The pipe bending machine is equipped with additional equipment:

mandrels 40"-42", 46"-48";
bending sets 40", 48";
Thrue-Bend – a wireless digital angle measurement device;
operator's cab;
additional track.


CRC-Evans 40-60 pipe bending machine, with a set of equipment for bending pipes with a diameter of 40 and 48 inches, a six-cylinder Caterpillar C9 engine. The machine has a small operating time of 3255 m / h and is ready for sale or rent. Serial number 60-27.


Serial No

PB 60-27

Model (type)

PB 40-60

Year of release



CRC-Evans Pipeline International Inc

Diameter (bending range)

from 40" to 60"

Engine type

Caterpillar/C9 with Cold Weather Kit

Power output

205 kW

Operating temperature range

from -40 Cº to +45 Cº

Weight of mandrels

HWM 40-42: 2666 kg

HWM 40-48: 4438 kg

All technical specifications of the machine can be found in the brochure (download, PDF 1,4 Mb).

Dimensions and Weight

Transport weightLbs/kg160 000/72 560
Operating weightLbs/kg163 500/74 147

Размеры и вес


Favorable price
Favorable price
The pipe bending machine is in perfect condition, and its cost is much lower than the new one. You have a great opportunity to save money!
Rich equipment
Rich equipment
The machine is equipped with additional equipment. The full package of technical documentation is attached.
Quality and Reliability
Quality and Reliability
CRC-Evans® is the world's largest manufacturer of pipeline installation equipment. The brand's machines have laid more than 60,000 miles of pipes in 100 countries.

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Russia, Amur region, Tynda
daily from 9: 00 to 21: 00

The machine is fully ready for transportation.

Delivery is possible not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, as well as abroad.

Contact us to discuss the conditions of transportation to your facility.

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